Commercial Doors

Bestar offers a complete line of commercial and industrial garage door systems for virtually any application.
Commercial garage doors need to be fully functional and able to withstand daily operations in the toughest of industrial environments.
Our full line of commercial garage doors is ideal for projects that need excellent thermal values, have stringent wind load requirements, or simply need a high performing commercial garage door designed for thermal insulation property, long life and superior strength.
Bestar ThermoLock Insulation technology commercial garage doors:
1. Commercial Garage Doors Width: 8′–38′
2. Section Panel Insulation: CFC free Polyurethane
3. Section Panel Construction: Steel+Polyurethane+Steel
4. R Value: 26.10
5. Section Panel Height: 21″ (530mm), 24″ (610mm)
6. Section Panel Thickness: 2″ (50mm), 3″ (75mm)
7. Section Panel Joint Design: Tongue and Groove section with rubber seal for better thermal break
8. Colors: White